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    • This particular model is $20 off DealExtreme, but you can find them all over the place now, sometimes on sale for less than $10. Just check to make sure it's compatible with the software you want to use.
    • Covers 64 MHz – 1700 MHz
  • Laptop


  • Replacement antenna

Replacing the Antenna

The antenna that comes with the USB dongle is small. You can easily get much better signal reception by replacing it with a better antenna, or one better matched to the frequency range you want to listen to. Many of the USB dongles use a PAL connector. You can purchase IEC PAL male to BNC or SMA adapters for less than $4 on eBay. Once you have an adapter, you can easily connect another antenna.

You can purchase telescopic CB or scanner radios with BNC connectors for under $10 online.

Making your own antenna is fairly easy, too. See the projects page for instructions on making some antennas.

Running on Windows with SDR Sharp

Running on Linux with GNURadio

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