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Welcome to Auburn University Amateur Radio Club (K4RY)

Overview Upcoming Events
image.jpgThe Auburn University Amateur Radio Club (AUARC) operates under the call sign K4RY. The mission of the club is to provide students, faculty, and staff, with opportunities to meet with other individuals interested in experimenting with wireless technology, to create a space for people to learn more about amateur radio, and to provide community service through amateur radio.

Our station is located in 411 Broun Hall. Our main HF radio is a Kenwood TS-450S running at 100 Watts (or less). We use a Mosley Electronics Pro-67-B six band beam antenna for 40m, 20m, 17m, 15m, 12m, and 10m. The antenna is directional and our rotator is unfortunately broken right now so it is fixed pointing east.

We welcome anyone who wants to learn more about amateur radio. Current contact information and meeting times for the club should always be available on the club's AUInvolve page below.

Club History Wiki Contents
]]k4ry-license.jpgAmateur radio has a long tradition on campus. The first transmission was sent from campus 1913 to Thomas Edison in New Jersey. The modern radio club was founded in the 1970s and is the fifth iteration of an amateur radio club at Auburn University. We have previously operated as 5YA, 5XA, W4AQ, W4NQH, and W4UJJ. We have also operated the special event call signs W1E, W4E, and K200RY in recent history. The previous radio clubs on Auburn's campus include I Tappa Key, the Auburn Radio Club, the API Radio Club, and the Military Affiliate Radio Club. Read more... Equipment and Documentation * Newbie Guide * Equipment List * Broun Room 411 * Haley Center Eagles Nest * Projects Administration and Management * Meetings * Member List * Nets * Meeting Minutes * Events and Calendar * Logos and Documents History and Logs * Photos * Station Logs * History * Alumni Member List
==== Reference Material ==== * Q-Codes Reference * RST Reference * Bands Reference * Grid and Station Map Location Reference * DX Live QSO Map * Great Cricle Mapping * WSPRnet Report Map * DX Propagation * Digital modes reference with audio clips * QRP Operation * W7RNA - WebSDR * Satellite Passes * Antennas

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