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 ==== Haley Center Eagles Nest Equipment/​Radio Room ==== ==== Haley Center Eagles Nest Equipment/​Radio Room ====
-[[{{:​img_2592.jpg?​240x320 ​ }}]]Top of Rack - UHF Duplexer+{{:​img_2592.jpg?​240x320 ​ }}Top of Rack - UHF Duplexer
 Top shelf - UHF Repeater (Vertex VXR-5000) Top shelf - UHF Repeater (Vertex VXR-5000)
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 Bottom shelf - VHF Duplexer Bottom shelf - VHF Duplexer
-[[:wiki:repeaters_2017.pdf|Eagles Nest - Radio Room Detailed documentation]]+[[​k4ry/​lib/​plugins/​fckg/​fckeditor/​userfiles/​file/​wiki/​repeaters_2017.pdf|Eagles Nest - Radio Room Detailed documentation]]
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