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iGate/Digipeater Computer


  • Operating System - Ubuntu 14.04LTS Desktop x64
  • Packages:
    • |aprx |Internet Gateway for the Automatic Position Reporting System
      • TNC needs to be connected to serial COM1 or /dev/ttyS0
        • Download source → Link
        • extract archive (tar -zxvf aprx-version.tgz)
        • cd into extracted archive
        • run ./configure
        • run make dep
        • run make
        • run make install
        • copy in the following config file to /etc/aprx.conf → Aprx config file
        • run service aprx start
        • Check /var/log/aprx/aprx.log for errors
        • Check /var/log/aprx/aprx-rf.log for TX and RX packets
          • Run watch -n2 tail -n50 /var/log/aprx/aprx-rf.log
    • |ax25-apps |AX.25 ham radio applications
    • |ax25-node |Amateur Packet Radio Node program
    • |ax25-tools |tools for AX.25 interface configuration
    • |ax25-xtools |tools for AX.25 interface configuration – X11-based
    • |ax25mail-utils |hamradio utilities for fbb
    • |soundmodem |Sound Card Amateur Packet Radio Modems
  • Active Directory Setup:
chmod +x pbis-open-*
sudo ./pbis-open-*
sudo domainjoin-cli join AUBURN USER PASSWORD
sudo /opt/pbis/bin/config UserDomainPrefix AUBURN
sudo /opt/pbis/bin/config AssumeDefaultDomain true
sudo echo %CoE_Linux_Admins ALL=(ALL) ALL>> /etc/sudoers
sudo /opt/pbis/bin/config LoginShellTemplate /bin/bash
sudo /opt/pbis/bin/config RequireMembershipOf AUBURN\\CoE_AUARC_Users

APRX Configuration Notes:

Adding APRS-IS to RF exception

  • sudo vi /etc/aprx.conf
    • Go to line 391 (contains the line “filter f/KM4CNN-7/250 # allow Zeb to RF-igate if within 50km”)
    • Duplicate this line and add the corresponding callsign of the user
    • Save changes to /etc/aprx.conf
  • Restart APRX
    • sudo service aprx restart
  • Check the log to make sure you didn't break anything
    • watch -n2 tail -n40 /var/log/aprx/aprx-rf.log
    • If you don't see any R or T activity on the log then you probably broke something
  • You broke something?
    • sudo service aprx stop
    • sudo aprx -l -d -v
      • Watch for any errors output about configuration file problems
    • Fix your problems and then sudo service aprx restart
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